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Interpreting/Translation Services - Ozaukee County

  1. Interpreting/Translation Services - Ozaukee County
    On behalf of the Ozaukee County’s At-Risk Populations Emergency Planning Committee Human Services Staff is compiling a directory of all of the language interpreting and translating resources available in county departments. These services include not only agencies that provide these services, but also county employees who are willing to be considered resources in emergency circumstances. Under normal circumstances, we are all likely seeking out interpreters and/or translators with specific credentials (i.e. court certification). However, in an emergency, it would be advantageous to develop a listing of employees capable and willing to help us communicate with those who do not speak English or for whom English is not their native language.
  2. Departmental Interpreting/Translation Services
    If your department has information on translating/interpreting services you use please provide it in the space below:
  3. Employee Interpreting/Translation Services
    If you speak and/or sign another language and are willing to be included on our list, please also include your contact information in the spaces below:
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