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Social Media User Approval Form

  1. Best Practices for Social Media
    1. Employee Access: The ability to use social media for county purposes should be limited to selected employees to ensure the security of the social media accounts and accuracy of the information posted. Your social media account's password should be changed when your authorized personnel change.

    2. Account Management: The county recommends that each department have a designated individual that will double check information posted, respond to replies/post, and regularly update the account. Also, the county highly recommends having an action plan in place to deal with unauthorized use and a plan to remove inaccurate information.

    3. All authorized individuals should be aware of county's social media policy. A link to the county's policy can be found below.

    4. Scope and Vision: Departments should establish clear, measurable goals and objects for their social media accounts. All social media accounts reflect upon the county and thus should be used strategically.
  2. Social Media Application
  3. Agreement to Adhere to Social Media Policy:
    By clicking above I agree to the following. I have reviewed the Ozaukee County Social Media Policy. I agree to use County approved Social Media Pages, and engage in Social Network in compliance with this Policy. I understand that I am responsible for all postings made by me on Social Media Pages, or in Social Networking Activities including those made in the comments sections on behalf of the County. I further understand that this Policy also applies to County-related postings made by me via personal Social Media activity and I agree to adhere to the guidelines in this Policy when so doing.
  4. Note:
    Upon submission, your application will be reviewed. The Department of Administration will respond to your application as soon as possible.
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