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Human Resources Forms

  1. Community Social Media Request

    Ozaukee County invites you to share what is happening in your community through our social media accounts.

  2. Identity Theft Reimbursement Draft
  3. Potluck Dish Sign-Up Admin Center
  4. Retiree Contact Information Update Form

    This for is intended for retired Ozaukee County employees to use for updating their contact information for social and mailing... More…

  5. Social Media User Approval Form

    This form will be used to register individual users of departmental social media. Per Section 4.10 of the Policy and Procedure... More…

  1. CPR/AED Training

    The County is offering CPR/AED Traning at the Administration Center onSeptember 19th at 9:00 am. Please use this from to register for... More…

  2. Mel's Fun Run - Walk

    Run your tail off for Mel's Charities

  3. Potluck Dish Sign-Up Justice Center
  4. Social Media Request Form - Approval of Department Site

    Per Section 4.10 of the Policy and Procedure Manual, social media accounts used to communicate with the public on behalf of Ozaukee... More…