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Clerk of Circuit Courts

  1. Attorney Photo Security Pass Request Form

    Photo Security Pass Request Form

  2. Clerk of Circuit Court Customer Service Survey

    Your observations and opinions are very important to us. Please help us to continuously improve our service to the public by taking a... More…

  3. Jury Exit Survey
  4. Survey of Interest in E-Filing Training for the Circuit Court

    Mandatory E-Filing will be coming to a Circuit Court near you soon. Do you have the skills to get your case to the court? Do you wish... More…

  1. Authorization to Ozaukee County Court to Send Text Messages of Court Hearing Dates

    SMS Litigants

  2. COC Help Center Data Collection Form

    COC Help Center Data Collection Form for staff to fill out when assisting pro se litigants

  3. Ozaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court Website Survey

    Customer feedback is important to us. Please grade our services. Thank you