What are the basic requirements to be a foster parent?
You must be 21 years of age or older and a responsible, mature individual to become a licensed foster parent. You will be asked to provide truthful information regarding alcohol and drug abuse and law violations that may hinder your ability to provide a stable, nurturing environment. Giving false information or withholding information can be grounds for denial of a license. If you have any questions, please contact Human Services.

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1. What are the basic requirements to be a foster parent?
2. What is the process to become a licensed foster parent?
3. Who pays for the care of the children in foster care?
4. How are the child's medical needs paid for?
5. How long do children stay in foster care?
6. Must a foster parent accept any child the agency offers?
7. Can foster parents adopt a foster child?
8. What sleeping arrangements should I have for a child?
9. Can I have a job and care for a foster child?
10. Will I be involved with the child's natural parents?
11. Can I take a foster child on vacation?
12. What kind of support services are available?
13. Will we receive training to assist us in dealing with the challenges of being a foster parent?
14. Who do I contact for more information?