What is Required to Apply?
  • Both parties must be present at time of application. 
  • Both parties must present proof of identification. This is a valid (not expired) drivers license or state photo ID.
  • Both parties must provide proof residency, if a current address is not shown on the valid driver’s license, a utility bill or government mail addressed to that person, paystub, or bank statement must be presented.
  • Applicants, regardless of age, must present a state certified birth certificate, which has a raised seal and lists the full first and last names of the applicant’s parent(s). If you were born in Wisconsin, you can obtain a state certified birth certificate from any Register of Deeds in the State. Please DO NOT bring any of the following: hospital certificate (usually with footprints), baptismal certificate, notification of birth registration, or a photocopy of a birth certificate, as these items are not acceptable.
  • Both applicants must provide Social Security numbers. 
  • If either party has been previously married, a signed copy of judgment of divorce with the court file stamp, a certified copy of a divorce certificate (available if divorced in Wisconsin after January of 2016), state annulment paper, or a certified death certificate from the last marriage must be presented. In the case where an applicant has been married more than once, only documentation from the last, most recent marriage is required.
  • Date and location of ceremony (Name of Wisconsin County as well as the township, village or city where the ceremony will take place).
  • Name, address, phone number and email of person performing the ceremony.
  • All required documents must be in English. Original documents in a foreign language must be presented along with a notarized translation into English.

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