What are the Maximum Contributions?

Health Care :  $2,800.  New Federal guidance permits employees to carry over unused amounts of up to $500 for expenses in the next year and still contribute up to $2750 annually.  If you have funds remaining in your medical flexible spending account in 2020, those funds will automatically carryover, up to $500 into 2021.

Dependent Care:  The maximum amount is $5,000. 

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1. What is the Program Plan Year?
2. What are the Maximum Contributions?
3. What is a Medical Flexible Spending Account?
4. What is the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account?
5. Can I elect both a Medical and Dependent FSA Account in the same year?
6. How do I enroll?
7. Can I change my election during the year?
8. Who Administers our Flexible Spending Account?
9. How can I be reimbursed for my expenses?
10. How do Health Care Cards Work?
11. What are the New Card Suspension Rules?