What information is needed when I file a report?
Child Protection Investigative Standards for the State of Wisconsin indicate that when a referral is made we need to gather the following information from the reporter:
  • All household members' names and relationships, ages, address, phone numbers, schools, places of employment
  • Alleged maltreatment, current and past, and circumstances of the maltreatment
  • Description of the child, highlighting current conditions and vulnerability
  • Description of the family, highlighting general functioning, current stresses and how the family might respond to intervention
  • Description of the parents, highlighting individual functioning and parenting practices
  • Names and contact information for other people with information
  • Reporter's name, relationship to family, motivation and source of information, if possible
  • Whether the child is a Native American Child, as defined by the Indian Child Welfare Act
If you have questions, please contact Human Services.

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