Planning & Parks


121 W. Main St.
Port Washington, WI 53074



To provide an organized framework for Ozaukee County residents and visitors of Ozaukee County to appreciate and enjoy the natural and cultural resources, local ecology, recreational experiences, well planned sustainable growth and improved quality of life in Ozaukee County through the preservation, protection, and restoration of natural resources, wildlife and fisheries, increased awareness and education, stewardship, comprehensive planning including land division review and land preservation planning, and the acquisition, development, enhancement and operation of large scale, intergovernmental recreational opportunities including exceptionally well-maintained golf courses, multi-use trails, preserves and parks

Name Title Email Phone
DeGroot, Cynthia M. Administrative Manager Email  262-284-8257
Nowak, David L. Parks Superintendent Email  262-284-8257
Struck, Andrew T. Director of Planning & Parks Email  262-284-8257

Golf Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Buechler, Mark D. Greenskeeper & Cart Mechanic   262-284-8257
Banton, Brandon Assistant Super Independent Email  262-284-8257
Hewes, Evan Pro Shop Supervisor Email  262-284-8257
Melichar, Mike Mechanic Email  262-284-8257
Stahl, Jonathan R. Golf Course Superintendent, Mee-Kwon Email  262-284-8257
Steele, Thomas R. Greenskeeper & Cart Mechanic   262-284-8257

Ecological Division 

121 West Main St.
P.O. Box 994
Port Washington, WI 53074



Name Title Email Phone
Aho, Matthew NOAA Grant Fish Passage - Program Manager Email  262-236-2005
Kroening, Kristina Program Assistant II Email  262-236-2006