Mee-Kwon Park

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Location & Amenities

Mee-Kwon Park is located on the west and south sides of MeeKwon Golf Course, at 6333 W. Bonniwell Road 136N. This 63.4 acre parcel is mostly known for its quiet picnic areas and winter sledding hill. Dogs are welcome, if leashed and cleaned up after.

There is a fishing pond on the north side of the parking lot with a few picnic tables to relax on. The remaining wooded areas on the south end of the park are undeveloped and have beautiful mature woods to walk through and view nature.

Accessible portable toilets are located at the park.

Park Hours

6:00 am - 9:00 pm

Winter Activities

During the winter season, a sledding hill (locally known as 'Mule Hill') is open during park hours and as conditions allow (available snow). This hill has a long shallow grade, perfect for sledding and snow boarding. Ice skating at the adjacent pond may also be open during park hours and as conditions allow (open skate is specifically posted on-site).

A warming house, located at the pond, may also be available during open skate and for those using the sledding hill. No skating or sledding after dark

Golf Course

View the golf course holes from a birds eye view.

Reservations for group events can be made for almost every area in the park by calling 262-284-8257.

Mee-Kwon Park Brochure

Mee-Kwon Park Map


For questions about Mee-Kwon Park, contact the park caretaker at (262)689-4684.


Blog Post

Mee-Kwon County Park was featured in this "A Wealth of Nature" blog post by Eddee Daniel; take a look at some beautiful images of the park!