Virmond Park

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About the Park

Virmond Park is a 63 acres park that provides breathtaking panoramic views from the bluffs that overlook Lake Michigan. Take a stroll through the nature conservancy, play volleyball, baseball, soccer, tennis, enjoy a family picnic, or relax in the pavilion. Please call ahead for pavilion reservations.

George Virmond, originally donated this woods and vacant land in 1944, with the request of developing a park for all to enjoy.
Many people are currently using this park for tennis, volley ball, baseball, soccer, children's playground and weddings. The park also has several excellent hiking trails through the nature preserve areas.

Accessible public bathrooms are located at the park.


Reservations can be made for either of the two shelter buildings, the bluff area, or the sand volleyball court. A fee must accompany the application. Reservations can be made on our Parks, Recreation & Culture page.

Virmond Park Brochure

Virmond Park Map

Why Visit?
The Lake Michigan vista from the high clay bluffs are what make Virmond Park so unique. The bluffs tower over the Lake Michigan shoreline at a height of 90 to 110 feet and create amazing views out over Lake Michigan. Virmond Park is a great place to have a picnic or enjoy a game of tennis or volleyball while the kids play on the playground. The hiking and walking trails are also host to cross-country running meets. Virmond Park also contains one of three Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Ozaukee County and is on the Lake Michigan Flyway. The County is actively maintaining native habitat for birds. Diving ducks, loons, grebes, migrant raptors, and passerines are attracted to Virmond Park’s shoreline and woodland areas.
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