Ozaukee Fish Passage Program


Overview of the Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department Fish Passage Program

Between 2006-2018, the Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department was awarded over $11.6 million in federal, state, local and private funding to develop, refine, and implement a comprehensive “Ozaukee Fish Passage Program” (Program). The Program restores natural stream functions to reconnect and enhance high quality habitat for native fish, birds and wildlife in the Lake Michigan Basin and Milwaukee River Watershed through a combination of fish passage impediment removals (e.g., dam removals, fishway construction, culvert replacements, logjam and debris removals) and stream and habitat restoration activities.

The Program seeks to re-establish migratory fish passage between 11,149 wetland acres and 215 stream miles of the Milwaukee River Watershed, the Milwaukee Estuary, direct tributaries to Lake Michigan, and Lake Michigan. To date, the Program and its partners have removed or remediated 300 impediments to fish and aquatic life passage, restoring access to over 150 miles of in-stream habitat and thousands of acres of wetland habitat.  

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Milwaukee River Smallmouth Bass

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