Home Delivered Meals

Program Contact
Kari Dombrowski

Ph: 262-284-8120
Toll Free: 866-537-4261

Eligibility & Provisions

Home delivered meals are designed to provide one hot, nutritious meal each weekday if you are 60+ years old and:
  • Are home bound
  • Not able to go to a dining site
  • Not able to prepare meals
  • Don't have someone to prepare a meal for you
Meals can be ordered either on a temporary basis, such as if you are laid up due to recovery from an illness or surgery, or on a long term basis so that you can remain independent and in your own home.

Meals are available on a donation basis for eligible participants. A donation request is mailed to participants on a monthly basis. The suggested donation is $5.00 per meal. If you are eligible for meals but can't afford the suggested donation you will not be denied participation in the program.

Meal delivery is available throughout Ozaukee County.

Call 262-284-8120 to speak with the Nutrition Manager to discuss your situation to not only help you apply for home delivered meals but also other programs in the community that would be helpful to meet other needs you may have.

Delivery Schedule

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday around the noon hour. The only exceptions are if the meals are canceled due to inclement weather and for major holidays.

Special Diet

A general diet is provided, designed to meet one-third of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for persons age 60 and over. Ground or pureed foods are not available. All meals are prepared with no added salt. Diabetic dessert alternatives are available upon request.

Nutrition Information & Risk Assessment

Every participant receives helpful information about good nutrition, recipes, safe food storage, food and drug interactions, and much more. Application for the program includes a short evaluation tool that helps you identify if you are at low, medium, or high nutritional risk. It's a great way to see how you can improve your eating or other habits to improve your quality of life.


Participants who will not be home during the delivery time are asked to call the Aging and Disability Resource Center at 262-284-8120 by noon the weekday before, or later if something comes up. If you are not home and do not call us to cancel, we will initiate a welfare check to make sure you are all right.

Meals are delivered by volunteers. They are not allowed to leave the meal unless a person is home to accept it. They can not enter a home or apartment if no one is home.

Sign Up

Call 262-284-8120 to speak with the Nutrition Manager to sign up yourself or a loved one.