Family Care Partnership

Program Overview
Family Care Partnership is a managed care program for people who are elderly or people with physical or developmental disabilities. The Family Care Partnership Program builds upon the strong tradition of community-based, long-term support services in Wisconsin. The program is available to people living in Ozaukee County and a few other counties in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Partnership provides support to you through an interdisciplinary care team,, which includes a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a care manager, and a registered nurse. You are an important part of the team. The team plans, delivers and oversees your care across all settings, from your home to the hospital. There are a variety of services and supports available to address your specific needs from comprehensive medical care, bathing, meal preparation, bill paying, disease prevention, and health maintenance. Partnership is a Medicaid program and includes traditional Medicare and Medicare Part D benefits for those eligible for Medicare.

Family Care Partnership Program Eligibility
To be eligible you must be age 18 or older and have a physical or developmental disability or be elderly and frail. You must meet state functional requirements and must be financially eligible for Wisconsin Medical Assistance (Medicaid).