Foster Care

What is Foster Care?

Foster care is 24 hour care provided by licensed foster parent for children who cannot live with their parents because it is unsafe, they have special care or treatment needs or other circumstances exist that result in parents or family members being unable to care for them.  Placement in foster care is generally temporary while Department staff work with the family toward having children reunified with their parents.  While families are receiving services and support to strengthen their parenting knowledge and skills to eliminate safety concerns, foster care provides children with a stable, safe and nurturing environment.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent: Please reach out to the Ozaukee County Foster Care Coordinator, Kristine Kuehlmann at
or (262)284-8205

Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is temporary care so parents or foster parents can have a needed break from the stresses of caring for a youth, have assistance in emergency situations, and help with scheduling conflicts. This temporary care may be a day, a weekend or as long as a week or two.

Respite Care is provided in the home of the Respite provider and the according to the Respite provider’s schedule and availability.

What are the Requirements to become a Respite Care provider?

Minimum Qualifications include:

• You must be a responsible and mature individual who is 18 year of age or older and at least 5 years older than any foster child being cared for

• You may be single, married or partnered

• Reside in a home or apartment that meets physical, safety, and environmental needs of the foster child as outlined in Wisconsin Administrative Code DCF 56: Foster Home for Children (make sure this is a hyper link)

• Successful completion of a background check for all adult household members

• Be free of physical or mental conditions that would interfere with the ability to provide care to a foster child

• Work cooperatively with Department staff

• Have a willingness to promote normalcy for a foster child

• Have homeowner’s/renter’s and vehicle insurance

• The ability to maintain in confidence all personal information about a foster child and their family

• Have a bed for all household members, including foster children, in compliance with standards established by the State of Wisconsin

• All household members, including children, must participate in the In-home assessment and interviewing process

• Completion of the on-line pre-service training

If you are interested in becoming a Respite Care provider: Please reach out to the Ozaukee County Foster Care Coordinator Kristine Kuehlmann at or 262-284-8205