Identity Recovery Coverage

Ozaukee County continues to provide our employees with the Identity Recovery Insurance Coverage benefit through Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation which is our Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance Carrier.

This insurance provides protection and professional help to assist employees who are victim of identity theft. The coverage combines both identity theft insurance with services that help victims restore their credit history and identity records to pre-theft status.

The service and coverage applies to permanent County employees, including: full-time and part-time, elected, and appointed officials. It covers out of pocket expenses, such as legal fees; notary and filing fees; phone, postage and shipping fees; credit bureau reports; lost wages and child or elder care; mental health counseling, and miscellaneous expenses.

It does not cover monies stolen or fraudulently charged to the insured; however, these monies are usually recoverable directly from the financial institution; and losses that are not reported in writing to the police.

Case management services include a dedicated case manager who helps the employee with restoration work that would otherwise be done by the employee. Helps assist employees that are at an elevated risk due to a lost/stolen wallet or as a result of having their personal information breached by a third party. Helps the employee restore important identity related documents.

To trigger coverage you should contact an identity theft counselor within 60 days of the incident by calling 1-833-889-9042 and let them know your coverage is through the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation.

If you have any questions please contact Ellen Jarr in Human Resources at (262) 284-8323 or via email at