Wellness Offerings

Exercise Offerings through the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department.

Employees are eligible for a twenty-five (25%) county-sponsored subsidy for approved exercise classes offered through the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department.  Employees are eligible to attend any of the exercise classes offered in the community.  You will need to show your employee ID and driver's license at the time the class is purchased.  Please see the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department's website for more information:  https://portwashington.recdesk.com

Wellness 50% Reimbursement

Employees are eligible for 50% reimbursement for purchasing a variety wellness-related items with a maximum of $180.00 reimbursed per calendar year.  To be eligible for this benefit, employees must be actively employed and enrolled in Ozaukee County's health insurance.  In order to receive your reimbursement you would need to submit your receipt showing proof of purchase to Katherine Etta in Human Resources.

Tuition Reimbursement

Ozaukee County encourages continuing education by offering Education and Tuition Assistance as part of the fringe benefit package. Education and Tuition Assistance is intended to provide assistance to employees to voluntarily participate in on-going education for the mutual benefit of the employee and Ozaukee County. It is the policy of the County to support on-going education programs which encourage employees to expand knowledge and job performance skills relevant to the employee’s current or a possible future job with the County. Any Ozaukee County employee actively employed a minimum of 37.50 hours during a biweekly pay period, which consists of 75 hours for full time, or 40.00 hours during a biweekly pay period which consists of 80 hours for full time, who have completed their initial probationary period prior to the start of a class. Employees are eligible for up to $250.00 reimbursement per semester; $500.00 annually

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation

Ozaukee County Employees are eligible to participate in the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) Program.

The Wisconsin Deferred Compensation is a supplemental retirement savings program that allows employees to contribute a portion of their pay on a pre-tax basis for retirement savings.

There is no waiting period to enroll and employees can make changes at any time.

For more information you can reference the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation website: www.wdc457.org contact the Human Resources Department for more information.