Vision Insurance

Ozaukee County offers employees working 18.75 or more hours per week vision insurance through MetLife.  The employee is eligible for Vision Insurance the first day of the month following completion of two calendar months of employment.

Please note:  WCA Insurance provides an annual routine vision exam, at no cost to the employee.  No other vision discounts are given.

The pre-taxed vision deductions are taken  a month before the premium is due.

The 2021 month premiums are listed below:

                   Single: $8.80

                   Single - Plus Spouse: $16.23

                   Single-Plus Child(ren):  $17.00

                   Family:  $25.46

For additional information regarding our vision plan, please visit.

MetLife’s website: or contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-438-6388.

2021 MetLife Vision Insurance Plan Summary

2021 MetLife Dental and Vision Enrollment Forms