Case Management Services

The Ozaukee County Department of Human Services provides a full array of Case Management services to treat both Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. All of our case management services are designed to assist consumers to maximize their independence and abilities utilizing treatment, natural supports and community resources. These services are indicated when an individual’s needs have not been met by traditional outpatient services. case management array includes: 

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) 

Program Description: Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a voluntary, recovery based, goal orientated program that serves children & adults with mental health, emotional disturbances and/or substance use disorders that are in need of ongoing case management services to meet
and address barriers interfering with or limiting healthy functioning. Ozaukee County has

partnered with Dodge and Washington Counties to be able to offer CCS individuals additional resources, that otherwise may not have been available, inorder to meet their goals. This three-county partnership is called the “Lakeshore Recovery Collaborative” and is recognized by the State
of WI as a “region”.

With enrollment into CCS, an individual will work with the CCS team to identify strengths, supports, resources available within the community and what additional service needs may be unmet. This information will be used to determine and develop a network of supportive services and in the establishment of a recovery team.

Recovery team members consist of the individual, CCS staff, and any advocates/supportive people that the individual chooses and deems to be beneficial to their recovery. Recovery teams meet to collaborate and support treatment planning and goal development that is unique to that individual.

Partnership with CCS to gain Empowerment through:

  • Assessment, planning and advocacy throughout the recovery process
  • Coordination of Mental Health/AODA (Substance Use Disorders) and medical services tailored to an individual’s needs
  • Recovery education and symptom management
  • Development of a recovery team to support personal goals
  • Navigation of difficult times and problem-solving challenges to recovery
  • Developing community, life, and social skills
  • Supporting and educating parents and family members
  • School and employment skill training
  • Connection with area services and resources

Eligibility: Children and adults who meet the following criteria:

  • Ozaukee County Resident
  • Have Medicaid Insurance (Title 19)
  • Have a Mental Health and/or a Substance Use Diagnosis

Individuals who meet the above criteria and have completed a referral are then determined eligible for psychosocial rehabilitation services through the State of Wisconsin’s functional screening process. The functional screening process is completed by staff.