2021 Employee Benefits

Ozaukee County understands the importance of providing a high quality comprehensive benefits package to our employees. Please see a summary of our benefits listed below:

Health Insurance

Ozaukee County offers WCA GHT health insurance to our employees working 30.00 hours or more per week for health insurance.  The employee is eligible for Health Insurance the first day of the month following completion of two calendar months of employment.

The pre-taxed health deductions are taken a month before the premium is due.

For additional information regarding WCA GHT Health Insurance, please see their website: www.WCAGHT.org

To register on-line to access claims information, to find a doctor in your network or for general assistance with managing your healthcare please see UMR’s website:  www.umr.com or contact their customer service at 1-800-826-9781.

2021 Summary Plan Document

2021 Summary of Benefits and Charges

WCA-GHT 2021 Benefit Summary

WCA- GHT Benefits Contact List

Plan Advisor

Get Well Sooner – Teledoc

Find a Provider GHT Health Benefits

UMR Website Access Information

UMR On-the-Go Mobile Device

Bill Reward

Treatment Cost Calculator

Preventative Care Services

Maternity Management

Hearing Aids

2021 Health Insurance New Hire and Change Form

CVS Caremark

WCA Group Health works with CVS Caremark to administer the prescription portion of our health care plan.

For additional information, please see their website:  www.Caremark.com or contact the Customer Service Department at 1-866-818-6911.

CVS – Checking Your Medication Costs

CVS Caremark.com

CVS Digital Benefits

Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door

CVS Prescription Mail Service Order Form

Dental Insurance

Ozaukee County offers employees working 18.75 or more hours per week dental insurance through MetLife.  The employee is eligible for Dental Insurance the first day of the month following completion of two calendar months of employment.

The pre-taxed Dental deductions are taken a month before the premium is due.

The 2021 monthly premiums are listed below:

Single Plan:  $32.66

1+1 Plan:  $60.78

Family:  $103.07

For new 2021 dental enrollments during the open enrollment period, the following waiting periods apply:

Preventative Services:  No Waiting Period

Basic Restorative Services (Fillings):  6 month waiting period

Basic - All Other Services:  12 month waiting period.

Major Services:  24 month waiting period.

For additional information regarding our dental plan, please visit:

MeLife’s website: MetLife Dental Insurance Benefits or contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-438-6388.

2021 Dental App Employee Flyer

2021 Find a Dental Provider Form

2021 How to Use Your Dental Insurance

2021 MetLife Dental Insurance Plan Design

2021 MetLife Dental and Vision Enrollment Form


Ozaukee County offers employees working 18.75 or more hours per week vision insurance through MetLife.  The employee is eligible for Vision Insurance the first day of the month following completion of two calendar months of employment.

Please note:  WCA Insurance provides an annual routine vision exam, at no cost to the employee.  No other vision discounts are given.

The pre-taxed vision deductions are taken  a month before the premium is due.

The 2021 month premiums are listed below:

                   Single: $8.80

                   Single - Plus Spouse: $16.23

                   Single-Plus Child(ren):  $17.00

                   Family:  $25.46

For additional information regarding our vision plan, please visit.

MetLife’s website:  www.metlife.com/mybenefits or contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-438-6388.

2021 MetLife Vision Insurance Plan Summary

2021 MetLife Dental and Vision Enrollment Forms

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) – Website:  etf.wi.gov

The Wisconsin Retirement System 

The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is a pension plan that is intended to provide you with a lifetime retirement payment once you are vested and have reached minimum retirement age.   It is administered by Employee Trust Fund (ETF).  This is a state administered program consisting of two required components:  an employee and employer contribution.  In 2021, employees automatically contribute 6.75% which is deducted directly from their paycheck and Ozaukee County matches the contribution at 6.75%You should see this on your earnings statement under both deductions and benefit section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

All employees working 24 hours per week are enrolled immediately or employees my become eligible after one year if paid hours exceed 1200. WRS eligibility criteria is (1) 12 months of employment AND (2) 1200 hours [if someone has WRS service prior to 7/1/2011 and hasn’t taken a benefit their hour criteria is 600).

When am I vested?

You are vested 100% once you have worked five years with a municipality.  This time includes any municipalities that you worked for in addition to Ozaukee County.    Vesting Requirement = 5 years of credible service. Credible service is based on how many hours you work in each annual reporting period/year. 1 year of credible service for any category other than category 40 is 1904 hours. You cannot receive more than one year of credible service per year.

Vested members are eligible to receive a retirement benefit at age 55 (age 50 for protective category members) once they terminate all WRS employment. 

When do I receive my annual WRS Statement?

WRS Statements are sent directly to employees homes usually in April.

When should I contact WRS about finalizing a retirement date?

Retiring employees are encouraged to contact WRS at least (6) months in advance of their anticipated retirement date. 

How often can I request a retirement packets?

You can request a retirement packet one time per year. 

What happens if I terminate employment before I am vested?

You would want to review the Separation Benefits Agreement.  You are eligible for the portion of the money that you contributed and if you request the money before you reach retirement age you would be responsible for taxes.  You can opt to keep your money in the WRS to gain interest or add to your account if you work for another WRS employer in the future.

Can I contribute additional funds to my WRS account?

Yes, you can contribute additional funds to your account, however, Ozaukee County will only match 6.75%.

How do I contribute additional funds to my WRS account?

Additional contributions can be made. Unlike the required contributions, additional contributions are post-tax. They can be made either by payroll deduction or by sending a check directly to ETF or by e-payment  .

If I am a retired employee, can I be rehired by a municipality?  

Yes, however, you must wait a minimum of 75 days before being rehired.  Also, upon hire you will need to complete the WRS Rehired Annuitant form. In order to keep receiving your annuity, you must not meet WRS eligibility during employment.  Please refer to  ET-4105, Information for Rehired Annuitants which can be located at etf.wi.gov

I am not looking at retiring in the next couple of years but would like to be able to find out additional information regarding my options.

You will want to refer to the WRS Employer Handbook or contact a WRS Representative at 1-877-533-5020, Option #1 to discuss your retirement plans. 

As you prepare for your future the links listed below will be very beneficial.  You can always talk to a WRS Representative directly by calling 1-877-533-5020 and selecting Option #1.

Retirement Checklist


 Additional information can be found in the items listed below

WRS Benefit Handbook

WRS Fact Sheet

WRS Guide to Retirement

WRS Separation Benefits

WRS Rehired Annuitant

Life/ AD&D/ Disability Insurance Plan

Ozaukee County will continue to provide Life Insurance and Long Term Disability coverage for all eligible employees as indicated below.  This policy is underwritten by MetLife.  

The life insurance coverage is based on the employee’s straight time salary.  

An employee is eligible the first day of the month following six calendar months of employment.

Life Benefit Coverage (Employer Paid)

Life and AD&D Amount:  One times salary up to $140,000 max based on your negotiated benefits.

Reduction Schedule:  Your benefit will reduce 35% at age 65, and an additional 15% at age 70 and terminate when you terminate from the group.

Long Term Disability - (Employer Paid)

When does my benefit begin:  90 Days elimination period

How long will my benefit pay if I am disabled?  SSNRA - Social Security normal retirement age.

Benefit:  60% of monthly salary up to a maximum benefit of $7,000 based on your negotiated benefit.

Buy Up Program for Sheriffs:  60% of salary to a maximum benefit of $5,000/month.

Please note this is a summary outline of above listed benefits.  Refer to the actual Plan Document for the guidelines for specific conditions, coverage’s and limits.  If there are any discrepancies between information found here and the Plan Document, the Plan Document shall govern.

Paid Holidays

Ozaukee County employees are eligible for ten paid holidays effective immediately.

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve Day

Floating Holiday (Please note the Floating Holiday must be used in 2021 as it does not carry over to the next year)

Sick Days

Ozaukee County employees are eligible to earn up to 12 sick days per year, which can be taken as the employee accrues.


Employees are eligible for vacation which is available as the employee accrues.

Years of Service          Vacation Accrued
1-6 years                      2 weeks

7-14 years                    3 weeks

15-24 years                  4 weeks

25 plus years                5 weeks

2021 Wellness Offerings

Exercise Offerings through the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department.

Employees are eligible for a twenty-five (25%) county-sponsored subsidy for approved exercise classes offered through the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department.  Employees are eligible to attend any of the exercise classes offered in the community.  You will need to show your employee ID and driver's license at the time the class is purchased.  Please see the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department's website for more information:  https://portwashington.recdesk.com

Gym Membership Reimbursement

After six months of membership employees are eligible for approximately 50% of the single person's membership rate with a maximum of $180.00 per calendar year.  To be eligible for this benefit, employees must work a minimum of 18.75 hours per week.  In order to receive your gym membership reimbursement you would need to contact your fitness facility and they will need to provide you with documentation which should contain the name of the fitness center, employee name, dates of membership and amount paid.  Please submit your documentation to the Human Resources Department for reimbursement.

Weight Watchers

Employees are eligible for a County-sponsored subsidy to join Weight Watchers at the rate of $29.95 per month, which would be refunded through payroll.  Employees would be responsible for submitting their receipt to Human Resources for reimbursement.  This is a full membership and would allow participants full access to the on-line tools and to attend weekly community meetings.  If you would like information on the programs Weight Watchers offers, please see their website at www.weightwatchers.com 

Tuition Reimbursement

Ozaukee County encourages continuing education by offering Education and Tuition Assistance as part of the fringe benefit package. Education and Tuition Assistance is intended to provide assistance to employees to voluntarily participate in on-going education for the mutual benefit of the employee and Ozaukee County. It is the policy of the County to support on-going education programs which encourage employees to expand knowledge and job performance skills relevant to the employee’s current or a possible future job with the County. Any Ozaukee County employee actively employed a minimum of 37.50 hours during a biweekly pay period, which consists of 75 hours for full time, or 40.00 hours during a biweekly pay period which consists of 80 hours for full time, who have completed their initial probationary period prior to the start of a class. Employees are eligible for up to $250.00 reimbursement per semester; $500.00 annually

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation

Ozaukee County Employees are eligible to participate in the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) Program.

The Wisconsin Deferred Compensation is a supplemental retirement savings program that allows employees to contribute a portion of their pay on a pre-tax basis for retirement savings.

There is no waiting period to enroll and employees can make changes at any time.

For more information you can reference the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation website: www.wdc457.org contact the Human Resources Department for more information.