Wellness Offerings

Exercise Offerings through the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department.

Employees are eligible for a twenty-five (25%) county-sponsored subsidy for approved exercise classes offered through the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department.  Employees are eligible to attend any of the exercise classes offered in the community.  You will need to show your employee ID and driver's license at the time the class is purchased.  Please see the Port Washington Park and Recreation Department's website for more information:  https://portwashington.recdesk.com

Gym Membership Reimbursement

After six months of membership employees are eligible for approximately 50% of the single person's membership rate with a maximum of $180.00 per calendar year.  To be eligible for this benefit, employees must work a minimum of 18.75 hours per week.  In order to receive your gym membership reimbursement you would need to contact your fitness facility and they will need to provide you with documentation which should contain the name of the fitness center, employee name, dates of membership and amount paid.  Please submit your documentation to the Human Resources Department for reimbursement.

Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA is offering a Diabetes Prevention Program.  The Diabetes Prevention Program is a yearlong meeting weekly for 16 weeks then 3 times biweekly followed by 6 monthly sessions.  The two goals of the program are to lose 7% of your body weight and to become physically active for 150 minutes per week.  The cost of the program is normally $429.00 however, due to grant funding the YMCA received the class is only $99.00 which includes a 6-month family membership to the YMCA.  You can find more information on the YMCA's website:  www.kmymca.org

The Feith Family YMCA in Saukville has a class starting, Monday, April 15th from 6:00-7:00pm.

If you are interested in attending or finding out additional information regarding this program, please contact Mary Beth Emmer at the YMCA.  She can be reached by phone:  262-247-1050 Ext 2007 or by email at:  memmer@kmymca.org

Diabetes Prevention Program 2019 Schedule

Diabetes Program Assessment Form

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Overview