Foreign Judgments

A person entering a foreign judgment must provide the Ozaukee County Clerk of Court with the following:

  • Notice of Filing Foreign Judgment
  • Affidavit of Identification, including last known post office address, regarding the judgment debtor and the judgment creditor
  • Certified copy of the judgment, decree, or order
  • Total fees of $20.00 (Filing fee of $15.00; and Docket fee of $5.00 - required for placing the judgment in the public lien index)

You may refer to Wisconsin Legislature: 816.03 for further information.

Attorneys and high volume filers are required to electronically file foreign judgments using the Wisconsin Circuit Court eFiling system at https://www.wicourts.gov/ecourts/efilecircuit/index.jsp

If you are a Pro Se (unrepresented) filer please forward the above to:

Ozaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court

Ozaukee County Justice Center

PO Box 994

Port Washington, WI 53074