Small Claims

Pre Judgment Matters

For the statutes governing small claims actions, see Chapter 799 of the Wisconsin Statutes. To understand more about small claims matters we recommend you read the Basic Guide to Wisconsin Small Claims Actions. You are not required to have a lawyer however you should consider seeking legal assistance. There are specific and complicated rules that must be followed in small claims.

Review our Small Claims Guideline to assist you with filing a new case.

The self-help law center forms assistant is also available to walk you through completing forms and filing a new case.

Return date forms

Letter of Appearance by Attorney - Cannot be used for eviction return dates

Letter of Appearance by Plaintiff (pro se) - Cannot be used for eviction return dates

Answer and Counterclaim - If defendant files BEFORE the return date, appearance at the return is not required. Cannot be used for eviction return dates

Itemization of Back Rent and Damages

Small Claims Return Dates

Small Claims return dates are usually held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the Ozaukee County Justice Center, Room 231, 1201 S Spring Street, Port Washington, WI 53074. 

NOTE:  Per Wis Stat 799.05(3)(b) the return date CANNOT be more than 30 days from the summons issued date.                                                     

2023 Small Claims
Return Dates
 January 4January 18
February 1February 15
February 28 March 15
April 5April 19
May 3May 17
June 7
June 21
July 3July 19
August 2August 16
September 6thSeptember 20th
October 4thOctober 18th
November 1stNovember 15th
December 6thDecember 20th

Post Judgment Matters

Form NameForm No.Purpose
Motion and Request for Hearing on Contempt and Order for Hearing on ContemptMotion: SC-507A
Order: SC-507B
Initiate a proceeding to enforce the Order for Financial Disclosure Statement
Motion to Reopen Small Claims Judgment and Order on Motion to Reopen Small Claims JudgmentMotion: SC-515A
Order: SC-515B
Allows a plaintiff or defendant who failed to appear at a return date to ask the court for a hearing to reopen the default judgment. 
Affidavit Based on Noncompliance Eviction and Order for Judgment Based on Noncompliance EvictionAffidavit: SC-5400VA
Order: SC-5400VB
Plaintiff may request the court to vacate a dismissal and enter judgment
Affidavit Based on Noncompliance for Money Judgment Non-Eviction and Order for Money Judgment Non-EvictionAffidavit: SC-5420VA
Order: SC-5420VB
Plaintiff may request the court to vacate a dismissal and enter judgment
Satisfaction of Judgment or Partial Satisfaction of LienGF-129To satisfy a lien or judgment in whole or partially

Motion and Contempt Hearings

Motion Hearings and Contempt Hearings are also usually heard on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. Call 262-284-8378 to confirm dates.