Filing for Divorce or Legal Separation

Review the guide below to learn about legal issues to consider when filing for a divorce or legal separation.

Basic Guide to Divorce/Legal Separation

Choose one of the following guides to assist you in filing a new divorce or legal separation case.

Filing Separately with Minor Children

Filing Jointly with Minor Children

Filing Separately without Minor Children

Filing Jointly without Minor Children

The self-help law center forms assistant is also available to walk you through the process of completing forms and filing a new case.

Information regarding our free Family Law Assistance Center

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Post Judgment Matters for Family or Paternity cases

Form NameForm No.PurposeFee
Notice of Motion and Motion for Change of Venue and Order for Change of VenueNotice of Motion: county form
Order: GF-120
Allows a party to request the court to change venue from Ozaukee County to a different countyIf granted, $15 to the county that will transfer PLUS the fee requested by the receiving county
Stipulation and Order to Change: Custody/Placement/Support/Maintenance/ArrearsStipulation: FA-604A
Order: FA-604B
Parties agree to modifications of a current orderNone
Notice of Hearing and Motion to Enforce Physical Placement OrderFA-609Allows a parent who has been awarded placement to seek enforcement of current placement orderNone
Notice of Motion and Motion to Change: Custody/Placement/Support/Maintenance/ArrearsFA-4170VGive notice to another party that a request is being made and a hearing will be set to change a current order$30 for support or maintenance
$50 for placement
Affidavit and Order to Show Cause and to Change: Custody/Placement/Support/Maintenance Affidavit: FA-4171VA 
Order: FA-4171VB
Orders another party to come to court to justify why a requested change should not be granted$30 for support or maintenance
$50 for placement
Affidavit for Finding of Contempt and Order to Show Cause for Finding of ContemptAffidavit: FA-4172VA
Order: FA-4172VB
Orders another party to come to court to justify why they should not be found in contempt for past violations of a current orderNone
Request for Court Ordered MediationFA-4134VParties can request to attend mediation with an attorney to discuss custody/placement issues$200 deposit