Lasata Advance Directive Policy

It is the policy of Lasata Care Center to respect the rights and follow the choices of each resident or their appointed Legal Guardian (LG). It is important for each resident to discuss their health care decisions/wishes with their family and physician prior to admission. All residents/LG must choose to be a CODE or NO CODE status upon admission. Any time thereafter a resident/LG may choose to change their status. All medical charts will have documentation as to the resident’s code status and will be kept current in the event of a change in status.


Lasata nurses DO perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), so any resident who has chosen to be a CODE status and have CPR done in the case of a cardiac event. If a cardiac event occurs our staff will call 911.


A resident has the right to change his/her mind at any time regarding their code status.  If a resident/LG decides to change his/her code status and a nursing supervisor is available, the nursing supervisor will be responsible for changing the form for the resident/LG.  If a nursing supervisor is not available, a delegate will be responsible for changing the form.  Forms are available on each nursing unit.


If a resident/LG or health care agent (after a POA-HC is activated) change their mind about code status, documentation is required and the Social Worker will be informed.  If a resident becomes incapable of making a decision, either the POA-HC form must be activated or guardianship pursued.  The form cannot be changed until one of the above is completed.  For definition purposes, to activate a POA-HC, “Incapacity” exists when 2 physicians or a physician and a psychologist evaluate the resident and document his/her inability to receive and evaluate information given him/her in order to make health care decisions.


If NO CODE is requested, it does not mean that other therapeutic and supportive measures will be stopped.  Comfort, medications, nutrition, fluids and other services will continue to be provided to maintain the level of dignity and quality of life the resident requests.  EXCEPTION: If a resident desires NO CPR and is out of the facility on an outing, visit or trip outside Lasata property and a witnessed attack occurs, assistance from Emergency Rescue Personnel will be initiated as the resident must then be treated like a member of the general public and treated accordingly.


*To obtain a copy of a Living Will or Power of Attorney for Health Care document write:


Division of Health

PO Box 309

Madison, WI  53701-0309