Jail Huber Reporting

Wisconsin State Statute 346.65(7) requires “that any person convicted of OWI 2, spend 48 consecutive hours in the jail.” To be consistent, this 48-hour period will commence when the subject starts his/her sentence. You must provide documentation showing that you have either completed the court ordered alcohol assessment, or have paid for and scheduled the assessment. 

Failure to Comply
If you fail to report at the date and time listed on this form, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and possible charges through the District Attorney’s Office may be filed. Do not report to commence your sentence under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. 

Allowed Items
You may bring the following items when sentenced to the County Jail:
  • Personal Items: Socks, underwear, and up to 6 days' change of work clothes
  • Medication: Please have your doctor contact us prior to your sentence for verification (If supplying your own medication, it must be packaged in blister packs.)
Required Items
  1. Letter from your employer on company letterhead confirming your employment, name of a contact person and phone number and the hours of work including days off.    If you are employed for wages or salary or receives unemployment insurance or employment training benefits, the Sheriff Office's will require you to turn over the wages, salary or benefits in full when received.
  2. Advance Huber Board funds will be required on arrival and prior to going out to work. The daily charge for participating in the Huber program is $25.00 per day. To avoid loss of work, it is required that a minimum of $175.00 be applied to Huber board on arrival to serve a sentence of 7 days or more
  3. The following initial fees must be paid in addition to the daily Huber Fee:
    • Combination lock: $6
    • Initial drug screen test: $4
  4. If you wish to order through the commissary, additional funds should be deposited in your account
  5. You may be allowed out to work up to 12 hours per day, which includes travel time, and up to 6 days per week, depending on your work schedule. 1 day per week must be spent in the jail. If you drive yourself, be prepared to show proof of registration, current insurance coverage and a valid driver’s license on request. Jail Division will also need the make, model and license number of the vehicle you will be using. Other transportation will be reviewed by the processing jailer
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