Little Mary Sunshine

Director: Ralph C Lohse

Vocal Director
Carl "Cully" Gulbrandson
Mary Roestel & Margie Schmidt

Early in this Century
Place: The Colorado Inn, high in the Rocky Mountains

Director's Note: Little Mary Sunshine, a satire on the "Old-Fashioned Musical comedies", is a musical that has given me a great deal of pleasure.  We have, on one hand, tried to bring back many of the elements of the past that produce a certain nostalgia, a term very popular these times, and, on the other hand, point out their absurd qualities.  Simply relax, enjoy yourself, and I hope that you will concur with us that "You've got to hand it to Little Mary Sunshine"


Chief Brown Bear Tom Fleischmann
Cpl Billy Jester Frank Tarantino
Capt "Big Jim" Warington Dan Kunz
"Little" Mary Sunshine Dottie Gahan
Mme Ernestine Von Liebedich Patricia Holt
Nancy Twinkle Diana Gulbrandson
Fleet Foot Richard Markowski
Yellow Feather Thomas Roesch
Gen. Oscar Fairfax, Ret Carl Gulbrandson

Young Ladies from the eastchester finishing school

Nancy Adams Linda Heimerl Fay Smith
Karen Bahr Ruth Markowski Liz Trepel
Dawn Campion Sharon Schmit Jeanne Utecht

Young Men of the u.s. forest rangers

David Adams Keith Meloy
Gary Geis Dennis Sarver
Thomas LaCrosse Bruce Tainter
Thomas Mackin  

Technical assistance

Set Construction: Jack Rooney, Nancy Schwantes, Janet Adams, Gene Fidler, Rick Young & Sandy Wilson

Lighting: Sandy Wilson, David Bahr, Richard Barber, Carol Schuknecht

Costumes: Janet Schuknecht, Carol Schuknecht

Make Up: Sue Dickmann, Jeanne Nash, Kathy Schwanz, Mary Schwenker, Wendy Klever & Alice Klumb

Publicity: Chris Schowalter, Sue Lanser, Kathy Lohse & Mary Weidner

Special Assistance: Linda LaCrosse

Properties: Laurie Watry, Nancy Watry & Sally Walstra