Victim / Witness

Rights of Crime Victims
This state shall treat crime victims with fairness, dignity and respect for their privacy. This state shall ensure that crime victims have all of the following protections as provided by law:
To have your interest considered when the court is deciding whether to grant a request for a delay
  • To attend court hearings
  • To have reasonable protection from the accused throughout the criminal justice process
  • To be notified of court proceedings
  • To have the opportunity to confer with the District Attorney or designee
  • To have the opportunity to make a victim impact statement to the court regarding the affect this crime has had on you
  • To have a judgment for any unpaid restitution
  • To compensation
  • To a speedy disposition of the case
  • To be informed about the outcome of the case and the release of the accused
  • To have a reasonable attempt made to be notified if the case is dismissed.
  • To request that the court order an offender to submit to a test for sexually transmitted diseases, if appropriate
  • To contact the Department of Justice about any concerns you may have about your treatment as a crime victim
If you are a victim or a witness of a crime, you are entitled to certain rights and services which are coordinated by the Victim-Witness Assistance Program, located in the Offices of the District Attorney. For a complete list of your rights or for further information, please contact the Victim Witness Assistance Program at 262-238-8387.

Public Access to Records
You may be able to access information about your case by viewing the records of circuit courts or contact the Ozaukee County Victim Witness Program at 262-238-8387.