Legally Blonde


Legally Blonde tells the story of Elle Woods, sorority girl, who is expecting a marriage proposal from her long-time boyfriend, Warner, and gets dumped instead! Her boyfriend is planning on attending Harvard to become a lawyer and wants a more "serious" girlfriend. Elle decides to get into Harvard and become the woman of Warner's dreams. The friends she makes on her journey and the growth she experiences along the way are the food for a real tale of self actualization and breaking stereotypes. The very modern show contains a variety of wonderful pop songs as well as dreamy ballads. It is a laugh a minute!

Diana Neumeyer - Director

Director Diana Neumeyer
Vocal Director Mary Van Petersom
Orchestra Director Mark MacRae
Choreographer Alex Michalowski, Taylor Nieland, Caitlyn Eisner, Kate MacRaeKally Riedell, Diana Neumeyer
Stage Manager Lindzy Willborn
Light/Sound Booth Ron Binns
Set Construction Supervisor Chuck Neumeyer