Director Diana Neumeyer
Vocal Director Mary Van Petersom
Orchestra Director Mark MacRae
Choreographer Morgan Lueck, Kally Riedell, Diana Neumeyer
Stage Manager Lindzy Willborn
Light/Sound Booth Ron Binns
Set Construction Supervisor Chuck Neumeyer

“Opening like a storybook, our musical adventure begins with a large ogre named Shrek narrating the story of
his seventh birthday. As he narrates, the storybook comes to life and we see Shrek’s parents telling the seven year old version of himself that it is time for him to venture out into the world on his own. As he does, his parents’ warning that everyone will hate him because of his hideous looks proves to be true, and he is forced to live alone, embittered, and angry in a swamp.
Before our eyes Shrek grows up, the adult ogre now stepping into the story he was previously narrating (“Big Bright Beautiful World”). His lonely solitude is interrupted one day, however, when all of the Fairytale Creatures of the land show up to his swamp, banished there by Lord Farquaad (“Story of My Life”). Not at all pleased to have his home invaded, and encouraged by the Fairytale Creatures, Shrek decides to travel to see Lord Farquaad in  order to regain the privacy of his swamp (“The Goodbye Song”). Along the way, he rescues a talkative Donkey from Farquaad’s guards, and after much begging on the Donkey’s part (“Don’t Let Me Go”), Shrek reluctantly allows him to tag along.
Meanwhile, in Duloc, we are introduced to Lord Farquaad, a tiny terror who is torturing Gingy, the Gingerbread Man, into revealing the whereabouts of a princess he wishes to marry so that he may finally be a true king. Gingy claims Princess Fiona is locked in a nearby tower, surrounded by lava and a dragon. Lord Farquaad decides to have a festival to draw the name of a Duloc citizen that will have to fetch Princess Fiona for him. As the crowd gathers “Welcome to Duloc”/”What’s Up Duloc?”), Shrek and Donkey arrive and Lord Farquaad demands that in return for the deed to the swamp Shrek must find and bring back
Princess Fiona.” MTI
Delightful songs include: The Goodbye Song, What’s Up, Duloc?, Big Bright Beautiful World, Story of My Life, I Know It’s Today, Who I’d Be, Morning Person, The Ballad of Farquaad, Make a Move, Build a Wall, Freak Flag and I’m a Believer.