Reorganization Study

At the August 4, 2004 County Board meeting, the Board voted 29-0 to conduct a study of the Ozaukee County Board Committee Structure. This is in accordance with Ozaukee County’s mission to "provide our citizens with responsive government and quality services in a fiscally responsible manner through innovation, leadership and dedication."

In order to meet the objective of this mission statement, Ozaukee County has systematically reviewed and revamped its organizational structure by combining departments, consolidating functions, promoting job sharing, and encouraging cross training. A similar review was considered regarding Ozaukee County’s Committee Structure to provide proper oversight and policy guidance for all departments.

On January 5, 2005, the Ozaukee County Board voted 27-0 to create 6 functional committees of the County Board. The following resources were utilized during the Ozaukee County Board Committee Reorganization process: