1. The 112-member National Association of Automobile Manufactures adopts a 60-day guarantee for new automobiles
  2. T.H. Shevlin is fined $10 in Minneapolis for traveling more than 10 miles per hour faster than the speed limit
  3. Approximately 9,000 automobiles are built in the U.S. this year.
  4. The Detroit Automobile Company becomes the Cadillac Automobile Company
  5. The Packard firm changes its name from Ohio Automobile Company to Packard Motor Car Company an patents the 'H' gearshift slot pattern, which will soon become commonplace
  6. Locomobile is the first U.S. gasoline automobile with a 4-cylinder, front-mounted, water cooled engine
  7. Rambler is launched by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company in Kenosha, Wisconsin
  8. Louis S. Clarke, of Autocar, designs the porcelain spark plug insulator and patents double reduction gearing for rear axles
  9. A Chicago ordinance allows drivers to wear spectacles (but not eye glasses)
  10. The American Automobile Association is formed in Chicago to oversee racing
  11. Ford's '999' racing car sets a speed record of 5 miles in 5 minutes and 28 seconds.
Sample Production Figures
Oldsmobile 2,500
Rambler 1,500
White 385
Knox 250
Packard 179
Stanley 170