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One of the main goals of the Planning and Parks Department is to plan for sustainable growth and an improved quality of life in Ozaukee County.

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Find helpful information about projects and planning activities associated with the preservation and protection of natural resources in Ozaukee County. If you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

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Ozaukee County Coastal Resources Ecological Prioritization Master Plan
Master Plan
The Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department, in conjunction with its partners including the Ozaukee Treasures Network, recently completed a Coastal Resources Ecological Prioritization Master Plan, which is a parcel-level prioritization planning effort for preservation and restoration of critical coastal land and water resources in Ozaukee County.  The Department created a Geographic Information System (GIS) Decision Support Tool while developing the Master Plan to provide a GIS-based, systematic prioritization of parcels according to a suite of land use, environmental, and ecological analysis factors.  An accompanying technical report serves as a supplemental document to the Master Plan and is intended to provide additional information about the planning process, a more detailed explanation of the data and methods utilized, and a discussion of the limitations and considerations of both the inputs and outputs of the analysis.  Questions may be directed to Karina Ward, Planning and GIS Specialist, email or 262-238-8277.