Directors Assistants

Stage Manager/Paint Artistry Lindzy Willborn
Lights & Sound Ron Binns, Erin Guokas, Amanda Penkivech, Kim Cawley, Tina Binns
Set Construction/Crew Chuck NeumeyerBob Goebel, Frank Gedelman, Lindzy Willborn, Jason Robus, Ron Voigt, Joel Van Pietersom, Elliot DeMerit, Hans Pfrang, Faith Pilafas, Mackenzie Pauly, and Cast
Props/Set Decoration Diana Neumeyer
Programs Diana Neumeyer, Kruepke Printing
Diana Neumeyer and Miller & Campbell Inc., Suzann Campbell
Costume Assistance
Sarah Gerloff and Monica Rowley,Christie Jobs, Bonnie Steele, Laurel Sanford, Mindy Surges
Castle Backdrop
Haywood Arts Theatre and Kenmark
Make-Up Artistry
Tina Binns for Ursula and Sharon Quinn for the Eels