2019 Wellness Program

The County is pleased to build on its commitment to employee wellness in 2019 by continuing to offer the $500/$1,000 wellness incentive payments to employees, spouses and retirees who are enrolled in the health insurance plans.

Biometric Screening Registration is Now Open!
Employees, spouses and retirees are encouraged to attend a biometric screening event. Online registration for the screening events is now open:


Twelve hours of fasting is recommended for greatest accuracy of results. If you are unable to attend a biometric event, you can complete your biometrics with you primary care provider or at the Aurora Health Care and Group Health Trust Clinic. If you have your biometric screening completed outside one of these events, you must complete and submit the Biometrics From Outside Provider Form.

Any big changes from last year’s program?
Yes, there are two major changes:
1) This year’s program is administered by the Ozaukee County Human Resources Department. This means applicable forms will be submitted directly to HR, and you will not have access to a wellness portal to check your points. To check points, contact Ellen Jarr in HR at ejarr@co.ozaukee.wi.us. I recommend you keep copies of your activities until it is verified you have earned 600 points.
2) An employee can earn a $500 incentive even if their spouse does not participate. However, a spouse cannot earn an incentive if the employee does not complete the program.

What is the incentive?

An employee can earn $500. If an employee has a spouse, the spouse may also participate and the couple can earn $1,000. A spouse cannot earn an incentive if the employee does not complete the program.

How do I earn the incentive?
You must participate in the preventive care and wellness activities that are defined on Page 2 of the "2019 Wellness Program Guide" (attached below). Each activity has a point value assigned to it. To earn the incentive, an individual must earn 600 points.

What are the mandatory activities and program milestones?
April 30, 2019 – Biometric screening is a requirement and must be complete by 4/30/19.
December 20, 2019 – Preventative annual physical exam is a requirement and must be complete by 12/20/19.
December 20, 2019 – Last day to submit points.

If you have questions, contact Chris McDonell, Human Resources Director,
cmcdonell@co.ozaukee.wi.us or 262-284-8209.