1. Administration

    Check out the management side of Ozaukee County.

  2. Aging & Disability Resource Center ADRC

    Find information on the Aging and Disability Resource Center.

  3. Clerk of Circuit Courts

    See how Ozaukee County's court system operates.

  4. Child Support

    Ozaukee County Child Support is responsible for working with families to establish and enforce support orders for children.

  5. Coroner

    Be informed on the services the county coroner provides.

  6. Corporation Counsel

    Find legal services for all Ozaukee County government.

  7. County Clerk

    Peruse the areas of expertise under the Ozaukee County Clerk.

  8. District Attorney

    Learn the duties of this office.

  9. Economic Development

    Browse the Ozaukee Economic Development website finding information on statistics, latest news, demographics, and more!

  10. Emergency Management

    Keep calm during a disaster with the information found online.

  11. Finance

    See how Ozaukee manages county resources efficiently.

  12. Golf Division

    Sign up for a Tee time today.

  13. Highway Department

    Learn about public transportation and more from the Ozaukee County Highway Department.

  14. Human Resources

    View benefits for prospective county and city employees.

  1. Human Services

    See the Human Services Department in Ozaukee County and their commitments.

  2. Information Technology

    Obtain technology resources.

  3. Land & Water Management

    Browse through the various zoning, sanitary, and other ordinances administered and regulated by land and water management.

  4. Land Information

    Learn how the Land Information Office helps serve the public by making land information more effective and efficient for governmental use.

  5. Lasata Senior Living Campus

    Discover information about the three facilities which comprise the Lasata Senior Living Campus.

  6. Planning & Parks

    Browse through the various divisions of the Planning and Parks Department.

  7. Public Health

    View helpful information in regards to public health, including immunizations, maternal child health, and more.

  8. Register of Deeds

    Access real estate records and birth, death and marriage records as well as land information and mapping.

  9. Sheriff

    Contact the Sheriff's Office for any law enforcement needs.

  10. Transit

    Take advantage of public transportation services.

  11. Treasurer

    Search tax data and pay property taxes.

  12. University Extension

    Learn about the county as a university extension.

  13. Veterans Services Office

    Access services as a veteran.

  14. Workforce Development

    Obtain workplace resources for Ozaukee County laborers.