1. Aging & Disability Resource Center ADRC

    Our mission is to provide a one-stop source of information and assistance for older adults, adults with disabilities, their families, friends, and caregivers.

  2. Adoptions

    Adopt a child in Ozaukee County.

  3. Adult Services

    Obtain adult services through the Human Services Department.

  4. Caregivers

    Browse information about caregiver classes, support groups, resources, and more.

  5. Child & Family Services

    Learn how the Human Services Department can assist your children or family.

  6. Conservation

    Conserve land and water resources.

  7. District Attorney

    Meet the District Attorney and take advantage of the office's legal services.

  8. Election Information

    Gain details on local elections.

  9. Emergency Management

    Stay up to date on emergency preparedness initiatives.

  10. Facility Rentals

  11. Genealogy

    Research your heritage.

  12. Human Services

    See the Human Services Department in Ozaukee County and their commitments.

  13. Immunizations

    Get your child or yourself immunized.

  14. Interactive Map

    Ozaukee County provides online access to geographic and land information.

  15. Land Information / GIS

    View online mapping.

  16. Lasata Senior Living Campus

  17. Marriages

    Apply for a marriage license.

  1. NACo Drug Discount Card Program

    Learn about the NACo Drug Discount Card Program and how to take advantage of it.

  2. Name Change

    Apply for a name change.

  3. News

    Read county news online.

  4. Passports

    Acquire your passport.

  5. Planning & Parks

    Review county plans and park locations.

  6. Public & Environmental Health

    Stay up to date on public health requirements.

  7. Real Estate

    Research real estate records.

  8. Record Request

    Request public records.

  9. Senior & Disabled Services

    Obtain services for the aging and disabled.

  10. Sheriff's Office

    Access a variety of services through the Sheriff's Office.

  11. Small Claims

    File a small claim through the Clerk of Courts.

  12. Technology Resources

    Learn how to do basic programming.

  13. Transit

    Gain details about the Ozaukee County transit system.

  14. Veterans Services

    Visit the Veteran Services Office.

  15. Victims / Witnesses

    Get services as a victim or witness.

  16. Vital Records

    Request copies of your vital records.

  17. Lakeshore Recovery Collaborative

    This a multi-county CCS initiative.